Jeko Disain

Jeko Disain

Design and manufacture of electronic and mechanical devices

Jeko Disain

Jeko Disain


Jeko Disain OÜ is an electronics design and production company that was founded in 2005.

Welcome to Jeko Disain OÜ, where we realize your technical vision in the field of electronics and mechanics.

We are a team of professionals dedicated to creating innovative solutions through the design and manufacture of electronic and mechanical devices. Our knowledge and passion for technology allow us to push the boundaries of design and manufacturing.

We pride ourselves on helping our customers exceed expectations and achieve success through innovative electronic and mechanical solutions. Let’s make your idea a reality together.


Electronics mounting and assembly.
SMD electronic components mounting on board with Peak and Place machine, fast and accurate, optical adjustment. Smallest component dimension 0405. HMD electronic components mounting and assembly.
Electronics development.
Development of all kinds of electronic devices.
CNC milling and development of NC programs
CNC milling of plastic, aluminum and steel with Tormach PCNC1100. Development of NC programs. SprutCam.
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Areas of work

Electronic and mechanical equipment design and manufacturing.
SMD components mounting (Pick and Place) (proto- and small series)
CAD/CAM design and programming
CNC milling (proto- and small series) PCNC 1100
Optical quality control of liquid substances, for determining unwanted impurities in liquids and measuring their concentration. Extensive measurement of UV light intensity. Equipment spectroscopy, manufacturing and refurbishment solutions.


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